Sunday, July 03, 2005

Cookin with Gas

Sorry I've been gone the past few days. I helped to present a show that was on Friday, and I'm just now relaxing.

I did get the book of War of the Worlds and read it.. it's quite good, and highly recommended.

I've created a great recipe in the last few days, using the stuff in my fridge, and thought I'd share it. As always with me, it's quite scientific.

Take some water and put it in a pot. Boil it and make the pasta soft and stuff.

Get a frying pan, put some oil in it, heat it up and then throw some garlic stuff there.

Then chop up some zucchini or summer squash or anything and put it in with the garlic.. get it nice and cooked. You can do it until it is cooked through, I like to do it until it gets brown and some pieces get crispy. Tasty.

Drain the now done pasta - throw just a bit of oil in it and add the squash and garlic. Toss that shit around.

Plate it (put it on a plate) and then add some chopped feta cheese and some fresh cracked pepper. (none of that pre-cracked pepper).

Viola! Yum!


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