Monday, June 27, 2005

They Will Outlive You

This blogger thing is a pretty good deal. It's free, and it allows me to rant and rave and make fun of Tom Cruise as much as I like. Can't be anything wrong with that.

But even when something is free, I can find a way to complain.

I don't have a dedicated account or server that I can upload pictures to, so I depend on blogger for that too. I've been using the "Hello" program. It's a pain to get through, but it worked very well. Maybe too well.

Now Blogger is allowing users to upload photos from the Edit Post window itself - which is very good, I like the change, it saves a lot of time.

I used it to upload the photo above. I'm not quite happy with the resizing - I'd rather resize the photos myself and them upload them actual size - but it does a decent job. No big complaints there.

My problem is what the photo above contains. It lists the top two pages pointing to my site. For the last few weeks, fully half of the traffic to this site was directed by - linking to a bald Carmen Electra photo.

Why people love her bald I have no idea - it could have something to do with the fact that her bazoombas are almost flying out of her top in the photo.

Here's the rub - I wanted to simply get rid of the photo so that google images would re-crawl all over my site and stop referencing that picture, but you can't delete photos off the blogger system.

You can remove them from the post itself (I've removed the Carmen Electra photo from that post.), but the image itself will stay on blogger's (google's) servers. Which means people will still find it on google images. I don't like that at all. I'm not really comfortable with all my personal pictures uploaded to their server to stay.

I was hoping this new posting system would allow me to fully delete photos that I no longer wanted online - but that doesn't seem to be possible with the new system, either.

Yuck. Pa-tooey.


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