Thursday, June 23, 2005

Oh. Joy!

Ah, my friends, my blogging friends, you must admit how wonderful it is when you don't have a big idea for a post - and some google traffic drops one in your lap. Then it leaps up and licks your face. Good google. Good google. Now fetch my router.

These are all google searches that have led to my little corner of the web.

Smearing Penis with Hummus
As far as I know, this poses no danger. Now tihini sauce, that's right out. Falafel is out as well - with the deep frying and all.

Homosexual LaRouche
Hey! No way you're pinning him on us!

Tonsil Cheese
No, not a new delight from Wisconsin. I bet you two dollars and a can of beans that this person is looking for information on thrush. Otherwise known as a big ol' yeast infection in your throat.

How's that dinner taste now, bitch?!

Will Lindsay Lohan Menstruate Easily
Star Magazine has found my blog!


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