Saturday, June 18, 2005


I'm glad the L.A. posts are done, because I have to say something.

Does ANYONE believe this?

And what has happened to Tom Cruise? When on talk shows in years past, he was reserved, or at least partially human. Now he seems possessed by the spirit of cheap publicity.

And now they are engaged?!

First, let's get the "how we met" story straight. OK? Because the idea that Cruise "interviewed" four of the hottest young actresses to see which one would be the best fit, you know, THE TRUTH, is getting old. Also, you have no other story. And Katie is no improv star. Not even close.

I really hope that people realize this is publicity schlock. I hope that Cruise's new movie, War of the Worlds, suffers because of it. (But not Holmes' new movie "Batman: The Beginning", cuz Christian Bale is hot.)

This is the most blatant publicity "love" tour I've ever seen. This may have done well in the days before the internet, and TV, and well, human intelligence, but now? C'mon.

Jump on a couch on your own time, Tom. I'm sick of your shit and I'm going to avoid your movie. (Sorry, Steven. It's not your fault.)

Tonight I burn my Top Gun DVD. Didn't see that coming, did you Hubbard?


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