Sunday, July 10, 2005


I've never been a big fan of Technorati. It's a website where you can search for any word or phrase and see the most recent blogs on the topic. It's interesting, but I can never thing of anything to search for.

Technorati is based on "tags," those words or phrases you are searching for. Tags are big on the web now, everyone is talking about them. I'm not quite sure why, my local Goodwill has had them on clothes they are selling for as long as I can remember.

What caught my eye today - and you must realize that this blog is simply a collection of the things that make me go "ooh.. hmmmm," was the "Related Tags" they list after you search. These are tags that their system has decided are similar to yours.

Some turn out, well, rather odd:

Search Term: "Man"
Related Tags: Humour, Humor, Funny, Sex, Fun, Bitch, manwhore, Whore, naughty, Jokes.

Search Term: "Woman"
Related Tags: Women, man, Blog, Men, girl, News, fashion, Photos, Love, White.

Search Term: "Good"
Related Tags: technology, Interesting, No idea, FEEL, News, Design, School, Ideas, to.

Search Term: "Evil"
Related Tags: Politics, Media, BlogBits, News, Humor, Global Economy, Web/Tech.

Search Term: "Homosexual"
Related Tags: Gay, Queer, queercast, Podcast, wanda wisdom, lucky bitch radio, GLBT.
Lucky Bitch Radio?

Search Term: "Cow"
Related Tags: Whore, man, Bitch, Humour, fat, Pig, Sex, Funny, Gay, The.

Search Term: "Loser"
Related Tags: Geek, meme.


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