Monday, July 11, 2005

Abandoned Places

Remember the show "Fear" on Mtv? It was an addictive show that placed a group of young adults in the middle of an abandoned place at night. It was always centered around large, abandoned factories, hospitals or other buildings that turned downright scary at night.

The show was entertaining, each contestant had to go and perform some sort of task - usually alone, and usually in the dark - to stay in the game and win prizes. They were scared shitless.

Stumbling through the internet recently, I came upon Abandoned Places. It takes the desolate and enormous feeling of abandoned factories, hospitals and houses and easily expresses it through black & white and color photography.

It's all the work of one man. Through the years he's really gotten around. Two of his photographs are featured here, and there are two fully stocked galleries at the website to keep you entertained (I spent over two hours browsing).

Most were taken in Europe, where they really knew how to build a huge factory with a grand facade. Somehow I don't think abandoned buildings in the U.S. are as impressive. Still, I'd love to find one!

Beautiful and scary at the same time, I'd love to spend a few weekends exploring some abandoned sites. As is stressed on the website, most of the sites are locked or guarded. Some quick wits and thoughtful planning is necessary.

I've always loved photos like these - and while some of them are still rather spooky (one set features a dead body), you come away with a great appreciation for what man has built ... and then abandoned.


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