Sunday, April 24, 2005

mmmmmmmmmm. cow.

Why do farmer's market apples taste so much better than those at the store?

I have a feeling it has to do with not being slathered with wax and farmed in huge huge orchards. I don't think that they are so much "fresher," apples can stay good for months in the right storage, but they certainly are tasty. (and no grapples!)

The farmer's market where I live is open every Sunday, year-round, rain or shine. They always have apples, but this is an exciting time of the year - each week new vegetables and fruits and flowers appear (It's like a big fresh food cotillion). Farmer's Markets in the winter are depressing. It's all apples and cauliflower (and sometimes snow).

Today was a great day at the market. I got apples (of course, how can you not get apples?), freshly baked sunflower/flaxseed bread (a cute little loaf) and freshly made cheddar cheese. So fresh that if you concentrate really hard - you can smell the cow it came from. (the technical term for this is "Heifer Fresh.")

A friend and I always have fun at the farmer's market. Actually, a lot of the fun is breakfast at a local tea shop after the market. Then either back home or off to a huge Rite-Aid nearby for the weeks' necessary (and completely unnecessary) items (new window fan!).

Now, back home, I'm thinking maybe some fresh bread, cheese and apples for dinner.


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