Wednesday, April 20, 2005

LaRouche on Mars

I never think much about Lyndon LaRouche. Well, sometimes I do, but the words "kooky freak" always came to mind - and then I think about something else, like what I'm going to have for lunch.

As is tradition, every four years, Lyndon LaRouche climbs out of his guarded compound in Virginia and runs for president of the United States. Plus, if he sees his shadow, we get three more weeks of crazy.

It's so easy to call a politician crazy - people do it all the time to many politicians of all political stripes. But LaRouche, just like Rosie O'Donnell, has gone on the record as being crazy.

From a speech in 1973:
"How do you brainwash somebody? . . . you build them up for fear in males and females of homosexuality, aim them for an anal identification with anal sex, their mouth is identified with fellatio. Their mouth is identified only with the penis -- that kind of sex, and with woman. Womanhood is the fellatio of the male mouth in a man who has been brainwashed by the KGB; that is sucking penises. . . ."

"First they say your father was nothing, your father was a queer, your father was a woman. They play very strongly on homosexual fears. It doesn't work on women... Most women are to a large degree homosexual in this society. The relationship between daughter and mother is homosexual, so the thing is not much of a threat."

In a 1978 publication:
"Israel is ruled from London as a zombie-nation" and that Zionism is "the state of selective psychosis through which London manipulates most of the international Jewry." In describing Zionism as "a hideous cult," LaRouche went on to allege that the Nazis "only" killed "about a million and a half" Jews and asserted that Hitler had been put into power largely with the backing of certain Jewish financial interests.
And, most appallingly, from the pamphlet, "Why Your Child Became a Drug Addict":
"The Beatles had no genuine musical talent, but were a product shaped according to British Psychological Warfare Division specifications."
Some of LaRouche's past proposals have included a quarantine of AIDS victims and the colonization of Mars. He has charged that Queen Elizabeth II is a drug dealer, and that Henry Kissinger and Walter Mondale are Soviet agents.
Colonization of Mars! What kind of crazy person would propose that!? Oh, wait.

The LaRouche movement is most noticeable near presidential elections. Like ants at a picnic. Large bands of surprisingly young (LaRouche is 137 years old) "Rouchies" take to the streets - usually around college campuses - to get others to join the cause.

LaRouche has run for president every election since 1980, even in 1996 when he ran from prison after being incarcerated for tax evasion.

Additionally, every four years a large van with LaRouche signs drives slowly around D.C. blasting LaRouche speeches and music - usually pieces like Handel's Messiah. That symbolism is a bit crazy. (There's that word again.)

All this came to mind to me today, as I was walking home from getting lunch (a delicious salad and piece of whole grain bread - thankyouforasking.) and was handed LaRouche propaganda by some young girl on the street. Don't these people ever rest?

I can only hope that when colonizing Mars LaRouche is sent up first.

Spacesuit optional.


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