Sunday, February 27, 2005

Water and Sleep

It's hard to write and have an opinion about something every day. (even for me.)

I'm feeling a bit Swiss today (the country, not the cheese), so with the help of a spectacular hang over, I present: More-Links-To-Fun-Things-Carl-Likes!:

The Freebie Source: Limited but interesting. Let's see, I already have hot sauce and free laundry booster coming my way! Mostly free samples as opposed to full sized items - yet there is the occasional t-shirt or free long distance card.

CB2: I hadn't heard of this incarnation of Crate and Barrel - they only have a few stores. The products have more of an edge than the typical Crate & Barrel fare. There are some things that my parents have that I still envy: Two cars, a big house, a decent sized retirement fund, and, naturally, the NASA Channel! Every time I'm home for the holidays I find myself obsessively watching the NASA channel, which features live shots of NASA operations & a graphic showing where the International Space Station is at any point in time.

Now I can watch anytime I want! The NASA channel, along with hundreds of other feeds from all over the world is available at this useful page.

A big shout out to the two bloggers that have officially linked to me, and in doing so became personal heroes, Rhodent and Happy and Blue 2. I visit them regularly, you should too.

Your Cheese
: What's the best cure for a hangover?


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