Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Cheese Links

Instead of a traditional post, I thought tonight I would share a few links to other sites that I enjoy.

The Rasterbator - Sounds dirty, but actually a very addictive free online tool for making posters out of any image. I'm amazed things like this are free on the web. Take any image you have, or is online, and it instantly "rasterizes" it (that style that looks like a bunch of dots close up, but an image farther away). Choose how big - from 1 page to 100.

Ask MetaFilter - This may be preaching to the choir - MetaFilter is quite popular online - but this offshoot is addictive as well. Any registered user may submit a question, and anyone can answer. Questions and answers range from the practical to the sublime, and subject matter can swing from tenets of religion to recordings of cats purring at one click.

Mighty Goods - A recent discovery. It features all those beautiful items you see in friends' houses and compliment, and then swear under your breath. It's about time you owned them!

Of course, you can always check out all my links at my page.

Your Cheese: What are your favorite websites to visit regularly? Which pages should I be wasting my time on?


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