Friday, February 25, 2005

Foghorn Funhorn

From Reality Hacking:
Opening concert for the 25th [theater festival] anniversary in collaboration with the ensemble for new music zurich. The ensemble premiered RH NR. 212, a new composition written for the occasion. As the piece started, 7 passengerships mysteriously appeared on the lake behind the stage. Guest musicians in the wheel houses of the ships, equipped with numeric clocks, accompanied the ensemble, performing a written [score] for sirens and foghorns.

The ships - which were timed to float by at just the right time - were musical parts of the piece. I can't get enough of art like this - click around on that website for more projects completed, including a symphony based on the sound of glass breaking and symmetrical clocks featured at the Museum of Modern Art.

Some people assume art is boring and strict. The truth is, if you look for it hard enough, you will find art that will amaze, entertain and enlighten.

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Your Cheese: This Sunday, February 27th at 8:07pm, everyone go outside and throw a piece of cheese into the street. Then videotape whatever comes to eat it (mouse, bird, dad). Take that footage to the market and project it on the biggest piece of cheese you can find. Magic!


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