Sunday, February 20, 2005

Let's get this straight


Tonight's episode of The Simpsons carried a content advisory because the episode dealt with gay marriage. That's the only reason.

Please note this is the same show that dealt with Homer living with three gay men, Homer being concerned that Bart was gay and has also taken on gun control, tax reform, religious cults and child abandonment. No warnings for those.

Fox needs to grow a set.

Let's get the Gay Marriage debate out of the way right now. Either you believe that gays are equal to others and have the right to marry or you believe they are inferior. There's no grey area here.

A "Civil Union" is a separate-but-equal measure (to be honest, it's not even equal). Maybe gays should have their own bathrooms and water fountains, too. A marriage certificate immediately offers over 1,100 rights or legal protections. Rights that cannot be gained any other way: not through civil unions and not by going to a lawyer.

Gay marriage will not "degrade" traditional marriage (but you should probably have a chat with Britney Spears about that). There's no slippery slope - it doesn't open the door to women marrying llamas. Cut through scare tactics!

No church will be forced to perform a ceremony. This isn't a religious issue, it's a legal one. Church and state are separate for a reason. The U.S. government allows divorce while the Catholic church condemns it - people don't have a problem with that conflict between church and state.

I know the results of this past election regarding state bans on gay marriage. It doesn't matter: important changes take time and effort.

As odd as it may seem, I look to George W. Bush for inspiration regarding this issue:

You're with us, or you're against us.

Human Rights Campaign Marriage Center


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