Sunday, February 20, 2005

I hope it itches like hell.

Sunday mornings are relaxing, right? Kick back, unwind, and forget about your worries. This is especially true for Sundays during a three day weekend. (Big shout-out to Presidents Day!)

This Sunday morning stunk like a gas station rest room next to a tex-mex restaurant after all-you-can-eat tamales night. In July. I deceided to check on the cheese this morning and found every picture, including the title, background and favicon (that little cheese in the address bar) gone.

My images were hosted on my work account at The George Washington University. I had considered free online services, but wanted something more stable. (ha) Not only were the images gone from my account - the entire account has been closed.

I can only guess as to why this happened - I guess because I've received no notice from GWU technical support. It is possible the account was closed because I was using it to post pictures to a different website. Isn't it better that I'm using a different site? It's certainly less strain on the university servers if the page is hosted somewhere else. Still, I could understand this reasoning.

The other possibility is because of content. If true, this is unacceptable. There is no content on this webpage that is questionable - especially for a liberal arts college (one that has a large journalism school preaching freedom of the press). If this is the case, I'll need to fight the decision.

I harbor no malice for GWU Technical Services, but if the person that deleted my account before talking to me were to get a painful rash, I don't think I'd send a get well soon card.

Tech-wise, I moved all the photos to the "hello" system offered by blogger. Because of the way hello works, I had to repost each picture as a separate post, then go back and pull the image location from the html in the post, place that in the correct post and then go back and delete the new picture only post.

Not what I was planning to do for 90 minutes on my Sunday off.

I still can't find a host for my favicon. (I miss that little cheese.)Success! Found hosting ... thank you Ripway!

I apologize for the lameness of this post - I know it's not very interesting, but I sure feel a hell of a lot better.


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