Friday, February 18, 2005

At the sound of the tone ...

This has been reported elsewhere, (Lifehacker for one) but I have to place it here because, well, it's simply too cool for school. Smash the Tones is a free (yes, babydoll, free) online service that will turn online songs into a ringtone for your phone.

Now don't get too excited. You are limited by your phone - don't expect to download .mp3's to your 5 year old Noika and have it work. [Isn't it time to replace that bad boy anyway? Everytime you have it in your front pocket you're hit on for the wrong reasons.]

Also, your phone must have some sort of web access - some way to "click" the link Smash sends to your phone.

I have a Sony Ericsson T637, so I was limited to .midi files. The good news: I found thousands of free midi files online - I could never say that about ringtones. If your phone plays .mp3's you can use any .mp3 file you have.

Smash takes you through the process - you may have to wait a few minutes to have things processed - then a link is sent to your phone, you click it and poof! Instanta-ring-tona.

I'll be proud to get odd looks on the street as my phone belts out The Golden Girls theme. The stares will continue as I sing along (join me, you know you want to!) "Thank you for being a friend ... Traveled down the road and back again ... "

Smash the Tones


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