Wednesday, February 16, 2005

*gasp* Matches!

Ban on Matches, Lighters Vexes Airports (
When Congress voted last year to prohibit passengers from bringing lighters and matches aboard commercial airplanes, it sounded like a reasonable idea for improving airline security.

But as airports and government leaders began discussing how to create flame-free airport terminals, the task became more complicated. Would newsstands and other small airport stores located beyond the security checkpoint have to stop selling lighters? Would airports have to ban smoking and close smoking lounges?

This is all due to one person: shoe almost-bomber Richard Reid. Isn't it bad enough that because of him we all must take off our shoes and enjoy la pied de stank* of fellow Americans every time we take to the air?

Sure, this is real smart. They're also considering allowing people to use cell-phones on flights. So you're going to have people who have to get to the airport two hours early for a domestic flight because of the outrageous security situation [which will only get worse as they begin to frisk us all for matches.]

For example, let's consider people coming to the Las Vegas airport, who will not be allowed to smoke for two hours before their flight [at the moment the Las Vegas has smoking lounges within the secure area], then have to endure cross-country flights with people on cell-phones.

Terrorism would be less violent.

Shouldn't the TSA and the HSA be more concerned with stopping the bombs from getting onto planes and not a match that may ignite the bomb? They must assume they are utterly inept; which is exactly what this ban highlights.

*Note the fake French, I must be a traitor.


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