Sunday, February 13, 2005

Geena Davis Induced Head Trauma

Live blogging! TV on a Sunday evening. Continue at your own risk.

6:01pm - Superstation WGN - AFV: Still love the fighting babies on the retitled America's Funniest Videos. This is a very guilty pleasure for me - but I love this show. If they wanted to retitle this show they should have tried "laughing at Idiots."

6:05pm - HBO - Movie A League of Their Own: Whomever transferred this movie from letterbox to full-screen needs a good shot to the head. I honestly cannot watch this movie - it gives me a headache because of the constant pan-and-scan. Argh.. must ... change ... channel...

6:06pm - PBS - Rough Science: Call me a snob if you will, but I still think PBS airs the best reality shows. 1900 House rocked, I was addicted to Colonial House during its short run and I'll take Rough Science over Survivor any day.

A bunch of scientists from different fields are placed in an out of the way place (island, desert, etc...) and have to finish specific tasks each week (purify water, measure the height of a mountain, map the island you are on, etc) using only things they can find and their intellect.

No drawn out dramatic scenes, no one is kicked off of anything and no one eats bugs blended with ape shit to win $40. Hard to believe, I know.

6:10pm - InDemand - Carmen Electra's Naked Women's Wrestling: Has the female gender disowned Carmen Electra yet? Ladies, it's time.

6:19pm - AMC - Movie Sixteen Candles: Of the John Hughes films, this is the one I was not crazy about. It just doesn't seem to have the social commentary of The Breakfast Club, or the edge of Some Kind of Wonderful. Still, good to hear "Dong, where is my auto-mo-bile?" again.

6:36pm - Local 16 - Mayor's Press Briefing: TV is such a powerful medium, and it is important that we utilize it for community communication and activism. Programs such as this are an excellent example of access to the ... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

6:43pm - Discovery Health - Face Eating Tumor: Why does this seem so familiar? Sunrise, Sunset.


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