Tuesday, February 08, 2005

take this job and *hack* it

Just blogrolled LifeHacker - a new offering from the people that brought you Gawker.

I love this blog - they specialize in technology and other tricks of the trade to make your life (and my life, and *his* life) easier. I'm linking to a great post on the "25 most difficult questions you'll be asked on a job interview". (none of them question what you are wearing to an interview, but please, avoid rolled up sleeves.)

I'm not in the market for a job - nor do I expect to be for a least a few years - but I found this fascinating. I'm glad I read through them. They also have some great links on speeding up your brower & other tricks in Windows XP.

It's all those little things that are right in front of you - you just don't know it. You'll use them for years and people will say "You mean I could have been doing that this whole time?!" (Then you, of course, will say "Sure - you idiot. I learned this all on my own." Because you are a liar.)

I love you anyway.


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