Thursday, February 10, 2005

Hung like a Gannon!

Hopefully you've heard about this already ... I'm glad I can flesh it out for you.

From The Washington Post

The conservative reporter who asked President Bush a loaded question at a news conference last month resigned yesterday after liberal bloggers uncovered his real name and raised questions about his background.

Jeff Gannon, who had been writing for the Web sites Talon News and GOPUSA, is actually James Dale Guckert, 47, and has been linked to online domain addresses with sexually provocative names.


Among the domain names registered by Gannon's company several years ago, but never launched, were, and, along with The bloggers also have linked to a since-withdrawn America Online photo of a man who appears to be Gannon, posing in his underwear, with a screen name bearing the initials "JDG." [emphasis mine]

Traditional sources are bound to let you down with a lack of salacious photos. God Bless the smart asses at Craigslist!

Military Escort at Craigslist Washington DC M4M
[UPDATE: Ah, craigslist, those frisky devils - have removed the link. I wish I had taken a screen-grab. Nevermind. I DID.] And you're welcome.

Now if only I could link to Ann Coulter being told she's wrong repeatedly on a news show...
Oh, Wait!


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