Sunday, January 30, 2005

Bea Arthur makes me happy

Another fascinating trip down cable channel lane ... "Live" blogging on a Sunday Night. (The best night for TV - so they say.)

7:31pm - Fox - Malcolm In The Middle - This show is still producing new episodes? Who knew? Once Malcolm's voice changed, they should have stopped production.

7:38pm - TLC - Trading Spaces - I'm sure by now you've heard that the host of this show - Paige Davis - was fired by Discovery. The show is moving to a host-free format. I can't say I'm suprised, TLC has been shaking a lot of things up for the past few months.

It's amazing to me how far TLC has moved form its original format (Remember? it was The Learning Channel). Now unless you want to learn about how to piss off future homeowners by painting over wallpaper, how to "soup up" a car (featuring Sheryl Crow) or how Tide, Home Depot and Swiffer help to bring you your favorite shows I suggest you flip to a different channel. Of course, chances are that channel has a home decorating show on as well.

7:44pm - Discovery Health Channel - Face Eating Tumor - What is this, show names brought to you by the Weekly World News? Voted "Channel Most Likely to Make You Throw Up a Little In Your Mouth" by Entertainment Weekly!

7:49pm - ABC - America's Funniest Videos - Say what you will about this show - I hated it during the Bob Sagat incarnation - it's funny now. There's something about babies fighting that always makes me laugh. God Bless those fighting babies.

[A side note: I searched for a photo of fighting babies for this entry - why is it that *anything* I put into Google Image Search brings up a photo of a naked woman grabbing at her crotch first? That, or Paris Hilton. Well, even if I couldn't find the photo, the inclusion of "naked woman" and "Paris Hilton" should increase the visits to this page.]

7:55pm - VH1 - The 90's Part Deux: 1993 - Well, It's good to know Michael Ian Black is getting work.

I can't seem to find ANYTHING on television tonight. I blame my remote control - it can't be television executives letting me down, could it?

8:06pm - FOX - The Simpsons - So far so good tonight. This season has been, in strictly television industry technical terms, "eh". I feel sometimes like I'm watching it not because I want to, but due to force of habit.

8:27pm - AMC - Movie: Carrie - Plug it up! Plug it up! Plug it up! And thanks to AMC's no swearing-anytime policy, you can hear them yell "Shove it up your [dead air]!" If that doesn't show them, the commercials every 15 minutes will!

8:44pm - The Golden Girls - umm... on DVD. Finally! Something to watch!


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