Monday, February 14, 2005

Keeping Hookers Close

The Jeff Gannon scandal gets better and better ... or worse and worse, depending upon which side of the aisle you favor. From AMERICAblog [Plus if you're into Right Wing Nudity - they've plenty of links.]:

So in the end, why does this matter? Why does it matter that Jeff Gannon may have been a gay hooker named James Guckert with a $20,000 defaulted court judgment against him? So he somehow got a job lobbying softball questions to the White House. Big deal. If he was already a prostitute, why not be one in the White House briefing room as well?

This is the Conservative Republican Bush White House we're talking about. It's looking increasingly like they made a decision to allow a hooker to ask the President of the United States questions. They made a decision to give a man with an alias and no journalistic experience access to the West Wing of the White House on a "daily basis." They reportedly made a decision to give him - one of only six - access to documents, or information in those documents, that exposed a clandestine CIA operative. Say what you will about Monica Lewinsky - a tasteless episode, "inappropriate," whatever. Monica wasn't a gay prostitute running around the West Wing. What kind of leadership would let prostitutes roam the halls of the West Wing? What kind of war-time leadership can't find the same information that took bloggers only days to find? [emphasis mine]

I recommend you read the entire article - the research is quite good.

How much do you want to bet that someone within the White House will attempt to resign, and President Bush won't let him? Hey, if it's good enough for Rumsfeld ...

Because hookers and Bush always remind me of burning, stinging urination love I'd like to take this opportunity to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day!


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