Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Static & Snow: Don't Beboop It

A round-up of recent, outta-sight & immanently bloggable television news:

  • The Washington Post adds video podcasts to their ample online offerings. Any excuse for a casting couch.

  • You don't want to watch, but you can't turn away. Al Roker gets blown.

  • The Wall Street Journal scares the shit out of marketing managers everywhere with one simple sound. The dreaded TiVo, commercial-skipping "beboop."
    77% of TiVo users who recorded a prime-time program to watch later skipped the commercials when they got around to watching it. More recently, David Poltrack, the research guru at Viacom Inc.'s CBS, found that 64% of DVR users skipped all commercials and an additional 26% blew through most spots.
  • Boil-on-the-face-of-television Kathy Griffin is auctioning off a night with herself and her new plastic body parts. No open flames.

  • Nielson ratings for the week ending 10/23 Two and a Half Men is the most popular comedy on television. Showers of frogs, loud trumpets, four big guys on horses to come.

  • Surprise, Surprise.
    This month's issue of Radar magazine has an "expose"” of one of reality television's "secrets"”: editors constructing fake situations out of real footage.

    With interviews with five story producers or story editors, Andrew Goldman reports on rather familiar producer tricks, such as asking leading questions during interviews and getting casts drunk.


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