Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Cheese Change

I'm changing cheese.

That's not completely true. I don't think you can ever really change cheese. You can't change, say, a Gouda, to a Cheddar. I wish you could - entertaining would be so much easier!

I'm changing the focus of AtheC. That's not true either - boy am I a freakin liar tonight (that is, however, the best type of liar there is). You can't change a focus that never was. I'm narrowing the focus of AtheC. I'm narrowing the focus to television.

I can hear the cries of "TiVo addict!" from here, honestly I can, and someone needs a lozenge. TiVo is a part of it, but I've always been a bit more enamored of the flicker box than your normal Joe. Or your normal Jane, or your slightly abnormal Edgar.

This idea came to me in the last few weeks when I realized that:

1. Hey, I'm not blogging anymore.
2. Hey, all the television blogs out there kinda suck.
3. Is that a sale at J.C. Penny's?! I need sheets!

I don't have a lot of things against the current major television blogs, but I don't have anything for them either. I've been following Lost Remote, PVR Wire, Reality Blurred, TeeVee, TV Barn & TV Squad. All of them have their high points - but none of them are spectacular, or what I'm aiming to do. I have to blog what I love, and I love TV.

While not setting too many constraints for myself, I'd like this blog to be a bit less on the "episode recap" side and more on the "What does this mean?" or "Who do they think they're kidding?" (How many times have you screamed that at the screen? Perhaps that's why you need a lozenge.)

Anyway, I hope you'll stick with me through the change, it's going to be fun. Now, to scare you away, and to give you a taste of my taste, here's a list of the currently running shows my TiVo is commanded (commanded!) to record every week.

Desperate Housewives - it's nice up here on the bandwagon, it's like a hayride.
Veronica Mars - just to give me cred with the "hip" kids
Medium - but you knew I was going to list this.
Commander in Chief - even better after they deflated her lips
Everybody Hates Chris - so far, so good.
Out of Practice - a whole post in itself, don't judge me too harshly on this one.
Nightline - just to give me cred with the "hip" adults
Arrested Development - being a heartbeat away from cancellation makes it exciting.
Gilmore Girls - a perennial favorite, like tulips, or Christmas cookies.
Rome - English accents make Italy more realistic!

Come back soon.


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