Monday, October 17, 2005

'Desperate Housewives' is just as good this season so stop your whining.

UPDATE (10/18): LA Times and Defamer disagree with me. I still think the show is great fun. Plus, I heard Defamer calling your mom fat.

There's been some grumbling on the internets about the current state of Desperate Housewives - that ever since the main mystery was solved at the end of last season the show has lost its edge.

Housewives is one of the only shows on TV (I can count them on one hand) that makes me laugh out loud on a regular basis.

This past Sunday, besides the Bree/creepy-guy-who-likes-her (George - seen above putting salt on his watermelon)/Bree's son (Andrew) triangle plotline, Gabrielle caused a prison riot. Bree ended up shipping Andrew off to mental reconstruction camp, or some such thing. (count yourself lucky, I could have used the camp / concentration joke).

I'm convinced George is crazy. Who puts salt on their watermelon? Is that a Southern thing? I have heard it's done all the time, but I'm convinced only in asylums.

This season lacks scenes with all four main characters chatting; those hilarious kitchen conversations that turned me on to the show in the first place. This Sunday we got one with three of the main characters and it was quite welcome. ("Thank God you were wearing flats.")

The show does seem to be veering a bit towards Melrose Place territory (Marcia Cross and Doug Savant - both ex-Melrosies - must be putting something in the water), but until I see Bree whipping off a wig to reveal a big-ass lobotomy scar I'm sticking with the girls.

Desperate Housewives can be directly compared to The Golden Girls. Anything can be compared to The Golden Girls if you try hard enough.

Susan is Rose (a little naive but good at heart), Lynette is Sophia (always quick with wit and concentrated on family), Bree is Dorothy (constantly in control is a crisis) and Gabrielle is Blanche (a slut). It's no mere coincidence that Marc Cherry, who created Desperate Housewives, started his career on The Golden Girls.

Stick with the formula, Cherry. Stray and you'll end up with Desperate Palace.


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