Saturday, October 15, 2005

'Medium' made me claw my eyes out

From TV Squad's review of the 'Light Sleeper' review of 'Medium'
All in all, another great episode on what is the smartest depiction of family life anywhere on TV. Sure, your family isn't made up psychics and rocket scientists, but everything else is real, and really compelling.
What a bunch of crap. I have to admit, I like Medium, I even have Tivi record it for me every week, but this week turned me off big time.

The show concerns a psychic woman, her job with the District Attorney catching criminals and her family life at home with her (incredibly understandable) husband, three (incredibly blond) children and her (incredibly angular) face.

Allison (that's her name on the show, like the drunk on Melrose Place) sees into the future, or the past or the present when she dreams at night, or when she touches people. It's kind of like The Dead Zone, only with more frustrated spouses.

Last week's episode had Allison sleep-walking all over the place, including into traffic and to the bank (the bank ended up being more dangerous, those early withdrawl fees will kill ya!). Her husband took her to see a doctor for the sleepwalking spells, as they weren't her typical wake-up-screaming nightmares. He'd rather she just become mentally unstable, not walk.

Then I threw things at the TV. The doctor, who saw her for two minutes on-screen, said "We don't know what causes sleepwalking, could be anxiety. Oh, here's a medication - take this at night and you won't sleepwalk". When Allison protests, he tells her not to worry, because it's the drug all her neighbors are taking. Then he hands her a full bottle of pills.


Has ANYONE on that writing team been to the doctor in the last 10 or 15 years? I'm surprised that the doctor didn't come to her house with a black bag and give her a colonic for wandering uterus.

Any doctor today, after finding out that Allison was sleepwalking in traffic, would have sent her to a sleep clinic faster than you can say four-point-restraint. And has any doctor you've been to ever given you a full bottle of pills in the examining room?

I know that a TV show can't show Allison waiting in line at CVS to fill her prescription, but let's go for a little reality.

I know, I know. This is a show that assumes we believe that this woman sees into the future, works as a medium for the District Attorney, and has a sex life. So why am I making a big stink of this doctor visit?

The doctor's visit broke the reality. Writers have to remember that anytime something pedestrian comes up that breaks the reality of a show, it ruins the whole episode. And it did.

Medium made me claw my eyes out.


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