Friday, October 14, 2005

Fridays With Lisa - 10/14/05

I'm sure you know Lisa De Moraes and read her column regularly. No? Well, I'm embarrassed for both of us.

Lisa writes a column dedicated to television for The Washington Post. It could also be summed up as "Carl's Dream Job." Lisa doesn't have to worry with reviews or previews, she can go straight to the snark, the gossip, the ratings and the breaking news.

She does a live online chat at every Friday at 1pm. There are at least one or two comments that come out of that chat that are worth talking about, so I'm thinking this will be a regular feature. We'll see.

Check back a bit later today for can't miss, funnier than that time your auntie shot milk out her nose entertainment. Chat is at 1pm - I'll have more of a post after that. Here's her latest article.

From the Chat:
Lisa de Moraes: ... Meanwhile, re the whole female TV president thing: among certain members of The Reporters Who Cover Television, there's some speculation that, with Steven Bochco now running the show, the president on "Commander in Chief" won't be female by the February sweeps. They wisely reason that it will not happen until February so that during the November sweep Bochco will be able to do one of his trademark envelope-pushing episodes (think "NYPD Blue") -- and their money is on one called "The President's Breasts are Missing!"
Steven Bochco, creator of such gems as Cop Rock, Hooperman, Philly and Blind Justice (oh, ok, and NYPD Blue) has taken over creative control at Commander in Chief.

But removing the whole woman as president aspect? The show will become West Wing with cheaper sets. Make no mistake about it, Geena Davis and her pouty pontoon lips are holding this show afloat.

Madison, Wisc.: Using the formula of crappiness times longevity, what is the worst show of all time? I can't think of anything that beats Full House, but your knowledge of TV infamy should be able to unearth something better/worse ...

Lisa de Moraes: I'm thinking anything by Miller/Boyett (sp?) -- the folks who did "Full House" is way up there on the list, but my personal fave is "Wings."
Frankly I think That 70's Show is giving Full House a run for it's money. Every time someone mentions that show I have to ask ... "It's still ON?"

Washington, D.C.: Any good reunion TV movies coming out this fall?

Lisa de Moraes: If there's a god in heaven that trend is over....

Don't You Believe It.

Next: 'Medium' made me claw my eyes out.


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