Monday, July 18, 2005


The image to the right is on the front page of

Well thank God they told me! I'll tell you, I've been trying to avoid the sun by staying in the night-time, but every time I wake up, I've lost it.

In other news, my post of three days ago (Shocker, etc.) has caused a flurry of comments at, where it was picked up. It seems as if they are all against me, but it seems to me they are confusing my defense of advertising care with defense of the shocker. This is one of the negative aspects of blogging. Of course, because I have this blog, I can also say that I hate them all and I hope they get the gonad cancer. (That's a positive of blogging.)

The post has garnered 14 comments, and their typical comment count is 2-4, and my hit count doubled without the use of naked pictures of Carmen Electra, so I feel I did my job. Even if everyone there does think I'm a pervert. (and that gonad comment isn't going to help.)


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