Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Move On

I think a Congressional Committee should immediately be formed to look into why only young, pretty blond girls like Natalee Holloway, Elizabeth Smart and Jonbenet Ramsey are being kidnapped and/or killed.

If not that, let's get together all the news agencies and let's ask them why they'll only cover young blond girls. I don't have anything against young blond girls, well, nothing really vicious anyway.

But it's not just that they are young and blond. They are also the greatest, smartest, kindest people on earth. I know this will never happen, but just once, wouldn't you like to see someone on the news say, when asked what they thought of the missing, "eh, she was kind of a bitch."

I want the next-door neighbor of the mass murder to say "I knew it! He was a fucking freak!" and not "My my.. he was so quiet.. and nice to his mom..." Also, I want the storm survivor to say "What do you think it was like! It was a fucking tornado you jackass!" and not "Well, I was sittin in my house a-watchin the Wheel, and all of a sudden I was hearing these noises. Well, I only had time to grab little poof-poof and my hummel collection and get down to the half-basement before the roof a-came off!"

I'm not trying to mock the loss or pain that these families that have lost a loved one are feeling, but if the public hears story after story about missing girls, and sees one "amber alert" after another, they're going to stop caring. I don't blame the public - that's a natural reaction to hearing the same thing over and over again.

Here's what gets me. Ever since Natalee Holloway went missing in Aruba earlier this week it has led the news. Every day. Every newscast. Let's face it folks, the word is out - it's time to let the police do their job. I have no doubt that every person in Aruba knows about this missing girl. The Today Show showed a full page of information about her that is running every day in the local paper. (The story led at the top of the hour, natch.)

So it's time to move on. Please stop your obsession with white women in trouble. Give the publicity to another family suffering with the loss of a child, or, just maybe, take some time to cover the government, science, economics ...


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