Thursday, June 02, 2005

Not Quite a Heather

The stats have been up for Appreciate the Cheese (AtheC) lately - up to about 100 unique pageloads a day.

You'd think I would be happy - the whole point of a blog is getting the word out to people, but I have mixed feelings about the whole situation.

I should have stopped at the raw numbers, but no, I had to look at why people were coming and from where. Turns out that AtheC comes up on the first page of a google search for Lisa Gastin.eau (period put in there on purpose. I don't want more hits from this. The woman is lame with a capital LAME.)

People go to the few posts about Lisa - stay for about two seconds (if that), and then leave. Not so good.

But skanks aside, many things about writing here makes me happy.

I've been watching my feed - it's increased 300%! That's right, from 1 to 8! I appreciate feed people; you know what you want and get it in the easiest way. Like the mob, or a serial killer. You get the idea.

The most appreciation (cheesy appreciation, no less) goes out to those who leave comments. A blog without comments is like basic cable without Law and Order reruns; it may be entertaining, but something major is missing. Comments make this little experiment in random thoughts truly interesting. I've "met" some great people along the way, and I'm looking forward to meeting more.

One thing that struck me is the range of people I've connected with through my blog. People I would never meet in real life. If I had a party, and invited them all, I'd have no idea which liquor to buy, or what music to play. I like that. Thank you.

I've been here for a more than five months. What's next?

(probably a post about Lindsay Lohan, sorry.)


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