Thursday, March 17, 2005

Don't Fence Me In

People come to Washington, DC for the monuments and memorials. There are grand new monuments like the National WWII Memorial, and other little known, but still interesting ones like The Einstein Memorial and the DC World War I Memorial.

Other visitors to Washington may not have heard about the newest memorial. It's a bit off the beaten path - and stretches all over the city. You may not even realize what it is while standing right next to it!

Implementation is almost complete on the National Fear Memorial. The completed monument will stretch around any government or private building which has given into irrational fear.

The monument is beautifully constructed of individual "jersey" barriers made of the finest concrete. Metal hooks - located on the ends of each and every memorial piece represent each time an "ugh, how hideous" has been uttered after viewing the memorial. There are currently over one million metal hooks in place. (More are added each day!)

Some producers - like the World Bank - had a reason to put up "non-memorial" barriers. However, when the "terror" level was lowered to yellow and they did not remove the barriers they instantly became part of a living, growing memorial.

An e-mail to the bank's public affairs office was not returned. [Would you to a writer from a publication called "Appreciate the Cheese"?]

The National Fear Memorial is a tribute to the power of terrorists to make this Nation's Capital a lot less attractive. Their spirit is felt in each visitor's heart each and every time the memorial is viewed. Each visitor is consistently reminded to remain ready for death.

A plaque to sum up the strength and message of the National Fear Memorial has been prepared. It will never be placed on the memorial - the planning committee is afraid it will be stolen. The plaque is stored in a box in Tom DeLay's basement. It reads:

"It could happen again, and you won't be allowed to forget it - even for a minute. Let this Memorial stand as a reminder that we, as a strong nation, will break the barriers of oppression around the world while erecting physical barriers in our Capital. Freedom does not guarantee a false sense of security.
Concrete does."


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