Monday, March 07, 2005

RVing for Sodomites (finally!)

A recent commercial advertisement for the Go RVing Coalition caught my eye. (link to video below.) It wasn't the beautiful outdoor scenes, or the exciting sport bike action - it's the fact that this is the gayest RVing commercial I've ever seen. Finally! RV marketing targeted to me!

I know what you're thinking - there are no gay RVing commercials. They tend to stick to family scenes and tales of retirees enjoying the open road in their golden years. Wrinkled clasped hands and soundbites about how wonderful it is to always take your bathroom with you.

This commercial - entitled "Spontaneity"[watch the commercial - QuickTime format] - shows a group of people biking on a mountain - and then returning to their RV. Only three people enter the RV and are in the rest of the commercial - two men, one woman, all in biking gear.

Throughout the spot the woman seems to stay in the background - peeking into the RV, out of focus behind the men.

They write the names of destinations on utensils and then spin a ketchup bottle to choose. The winner? "Big Bear." Ahem. The eyes of the two men lock. The commercial then ends with more outdoor scenes.

The spot was produced by Dallas, Texas based The Richards Group. They also handle advertising for Corona beer and Hummer.

It's about time the RV community targeted gays. I look forward to more commercials in the future featuring gay couples in RVs - heading to Vermont, camping near a courthouse in Ontario, taking the kids to Stonewall.

One note to the producers: we appreciate subtlety. Next time, tone it down.


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