Friday, May 12, 2006


Mister President Bush:

Could you please respect us kitty's civil rights? Not keep track of our phone records?

Please stop using the idea of us gay kitties ruining marriage as a tactic to get conservative voters to the polls.

Please work for a fair solution for all the illegal kitties that are in the United States.

You seem to only be giving big kitty meow-mix refunds to the kitties that have the most meow-mix to begin with. How about some meow-mix for those kitties that go without? And some Pounce? We love Pounce.

Please keep an eye on the environment. We want clean litter boxes for our kittens and only one head on our mice.

Please listen to kitties that don't agree with you. I don't care for that strutting calico across the street, but I let her sniff at my butt.

Remember and help all the kitties in New Orleans.

Remember and help all the kitties in Iraq. Both the American kitties and the Iraqi kitties.

Remember and help all the kitties in Afghanistan.

Remember and help all the other kitties here at home that may not get enough meow-mix, attention or brushing. They need your help most of all.

It's time to meow with the kitties in Iran and North Korea, don't just smack at their heads with your paws. Sometimes when you sing a kitty song together you'll notice that you are in the same key after all.


[picture from Cute Overload - sorry to use one of your pictures in a political way, couldn't resist.]


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