Thursday, March 02, 2006


I knew the "Abortion Test Case" was coming. Hard-core pro-lifers and people who enjoy having more unwanted children around couldn't wait for Alito to shuffle onto the Supreme Court so they could throw a test case into the machine and take it to the Supremes.

Then I heard something about it in passing. Nothing shocking. But ... South Dakota? SOUTH DAKOTA?! I always had a soft spot for South Dakota - sounds warmer than North Dakota, I thought - but the minute I turn my back - BANG - the South Dakota Legislature stabs me with a sharp law. *SQUOOSH* it went, right into my South-Dakota-Respect-Area.

This can not stand!

The Madison Wisconsin Women's Medical Fun is waaaaay ahead of me.
Now the Madison-based Women's Medical Fund is threatening a boycott of South Dakota tourism, a major source of income in that state ...

"All kinds of families visit Mount Rushmore every year. It's a favorite of Americans and foreign tourists. But we can do without Mount Rushmore, the Black Hills, the Badlands and the Corn Palace,"
OK, I was totally on board until I found out that South Dakota boasts about a place called the CORN PALACE. I can hardly digest it, but a lot of people have that problem.

Do they have direct flights from DC?


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