Sunday, May 21, 2006

Lights, Camera ...

The webpage for The CW has gone live. The CW is the recent merger of networks UPN and the WB. Whee!

Separate they were ... well ... not so good.

Once combined, I realize I'll be watching at least four shows regularly: Veronica Mars and Gilmore Girls on Tuesday, Everybody Hates Chris and Girlfriends (yes, GIRLFRIENDS, which, by the way, is heading into its seventh year) on Mondays.

Try and tell me that Tuesdays don't contain well over the daily recommended doses of sexy female (that's Kristen Bell of Veronica Mars on the right).

I can't name another broadcast network that will have me following four series at the outset of their season. Whether that should scare me, or make me happy ... I'm not quite sure.

Here's looking forward to the new season - and, please GOD - a name change.


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