Friday, May 13, 2005

Brits, Obsessed with Wang

The first question will be, "How exactly did you stumble onto this website?" so I'll make it perfectly clear up front.

Reading, I came across this "celebrity" sighting:
Worst B-list sighting.ever. Saw Zachary Ty Bryan at my Sunday drunk spot, Baja Cantina. He tried repeatedly to talk to my girlfriend who was so drunk she kept forgetting that he had already hit on her and kept re-dissing him. Just a sad sight for poor Brad Taylor.
Who was Zachary Ty Bryan? I seemed to remember he was on (the awful) Home Improvement television show, but couldn't remember which kid he was. So, as I do in most cases like that, I take my questions to

As you can easily see, the 10th picture, and the first I clicked on, took me to First on the page was Adam Brody, the cutie from the O.C. and The Gilmore Girls.

I now know there is a website for everything. Club 18-35 is committed to revealing which stars' members are "intact" (as they put it) and which have had "Mr. Winky snipped" (as I put it.)

Oddly, it's not pornographic at all, and their journalistic standards seem to be higher than the Star and US Weekly:
Our desire is to inform rather than to offend and, so far as we possibly can, all entries in this list are verified by reliable images, published material (eg interviews), by at least two independent sources, or have previously been authenticated by trusted contributors. But, however hard we try, total accuracy cannot guaranteed!
And they are constantly on the look-out for new information:
We aim to add 20 celebrities every month, but to achieve this we do need your help - with information, sightings, etc.
This brings whole new meaning to the idea of a "star sighting." They don't care if you saw Hayden Christensen making out with Brad Pitt at a Mexican restaurant in Boise - but could you follow him into the bathroom and see if he's got a turtleneck or a mock?

After actors turn 35, they are transferred to Club 35 Plus - which for a moment convinced me this site was based in Hollywood.

Not so. The site is decidedly UK centered. I didn't know who half of these guys were, but if you know "Blue Peter" and put a "u" in color, then you've hit the jackpot.

If nothing else, it's a good reference for when you find yourself in bed with Matt Damon (snip, snip) or Giovanni Ribisi (windsock city). Which will probably happen sooner or later.


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