Wednesday, February 02, 2005


I should be blogging about the State of the Union Address - where ARE the politics on this blog anyway? - but I have to admit, I didnt' see a lick of it. I was working at Lisner Auditorium - um, because that's where I work. It was the opening Gala of the Flamenco Festival, which is always a great time, but so much work that it makes my spleen ache.

I have to admit, I brought Xanax to work today, just in case. Turns out I didn't need it. On nights like tonight, I end up handling ticketing, the press and some front-of-house things.

However, this year, we expanded the festival so much, that I think I'm being stretched too thin. We had a cheese tasting at the beginning of the night [oddly enough, it's indirectly the way I named this blog, but that's a story for another day] and brought in volunteers to take surveys throughout the night.

With all those extra things going on I was a little stressed. I should have scheduled more people to work with me - it would have helped. Anyway, I never meant this blog to be me rambling on about my life, so enough about that.

Flamenco rocks. I love that as dancers get older they still dance and are even more respected than the youngin's. That's not done in many other types of dance - unless you are choreographing. Even then, you typically do not dance. Most dance companies that come though on tours are doing classic choreography, but with all young dancers.

Of course, some of the dancers tonight were younger than me. That's never good. It's why I don't watch the olympics. Every single one of those freakin athletes is younger than I am. I like to think my life is only a little wasted - not completely.


At 2/03/2005 12:42 PM, Blogger Miguelito said...

Carl, it's me Miguelito. I just stumbled upon your blog in my daily fix for flamenco news and info.

I know the Flamenco Festival is just one of many many events you put on throughout the year. But it seems to me that when you and the rest of the Lisner staff put on the Festival, you put as much hard work and passion into it as if it was the only event of the year. You guys rock!

I hope to read more about your experiences behind-the-scenes of the rest of the Flamenco Festival.


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