Saturday, January 29, 2005

Buster BUSTED!


By now you've all heard about the "Sugartime!" controversy. As reported in The Washington Post and The Guardian, The U.S. Secretary of Education publicly denounced PBS for its planned airing of "Sugartime!" one of the episodes in its popular "Postcards From Buster" series for children. The episode depicted several lesbian parents within a 1/2 hour show.

PBS pulled the show - and all parties seemed satisfied. Coming right on the heels of a "Spongebob Square Pants is gay and will ruin our children" rant from Focus on the Family, everyone was also assured that Buster - a popular children's character from the "Arthur" series - was as straight as they come.

This photo - just discovered by AtC's research staff - proves that Buster's butch routine simply is not true. Just like Rock Hudson and Raymond Burr before him, Buster chooses to live within the closet - only rarely venturing out for a little homosexual libation. Oddly, it also seems to prove that Buster is much older than the 8 years he claims.

Seriously: Let the Secretary of Education know how ridiculous this situation is.


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