Monday, July 24, 2006


uhhghhhhh... uggg! Bug!

Bugs remind me of Dick Cheney. I like to read about what they do and problems they cause, and even what to do to stop them, but I don't like meeting them in person.

But, like Dick Cheney, they'll survive a nuclear holocaust, so you better get used to them.

The well titled website "Whats That Bug?" will do just that. They identify all sorts of bugs from pictures people send in.

I've placed a picture of a Anisocelis flavolineata here, but he prefers to be called Flavo for short. You wont be seeing Flavo next to your old Christmas decorations in the basement unless you store your Christmas decorations in Panama.

Want more information? Try, which will give you much more information. A fairly regular visitor to my fine home is the common (in the best sense of the word) House Centipede.

I hate these things - they burst out from seemingly nowhere and they run like the wind! But Bug Guide can relieve you of bug-phobia. House Centipedes aren't so scary when you know their formal name is Scutigera Coleoptrata.I'm going to call the next one I see little "Coleo." Like,

"Oh, little Coleo, why did you just scare the shit out of me?" and

"Oh, little Coleo, I'm sorry I smooshed you with a New Yorker, but I have company coming over."

Maybe I should hold off on all the killing; BugGuide serves up the straight dope on these little assassins:
Predatory on other arthropods, including cockroach nymphs, flies, moths, bedbugs, crickets, silverfish, earwigs, and small spiders. In short, they'll eat many things you'd probably much rather not have in your home.
Way to go little Coleo, you can stay. Dick Cheney on the other hand ...


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