Monday, August 08, 2005

I Knew I Forgot Something

Sorry for not blogging lately - it's not because I don't love you.

I was home in Buffalo this past weekend, and it was a great time. I had the chance to visit my cousin's farm in West Valley - it was amazing. Goats! Cattle! Pigs! Bigger Pigs! They had it all. It was like a petting zoo with bar-b-que.

The airports - DC National and Buffalo, were crazy as usual. The lines at Buffalo airport security at 6am in the morning never cease to amaze me. They must pack the flights into that early time period.

I wish more people acted like the passengers in Buffalo when they are boarding the plane. The airlines - in their infinite wisdom - have decided that passengers cannot read the row of the plane they are seated in, so they board the plane in "zones."

In DC, they may as well forget about the zones too. As soon as they call for Zone 1, everyone packs around the door and pushes their way on. People! It's not like you're going to miss this plane and have to take the next one. The seats are reserved. Why are you rushing on so you can sit and be annoyed by the man next to you who is too much elbows and not enough deodorant?

I wish more people acted like the passengers in DC when they are getting their luggage. Each airport - DC and Buffalo - have those huge long baggage carousels - like a huge centipede running along the wall. In DC people stand back and wait to see what comes out - allowing everyone to get their bag.

In Buffalo, people pack against that carousel so tight, you'd think they were giving other people's luggage away. If you are getting your bag, there is no reason for your whole family, including grandma, her walker and Petey the dog needs to be standing right at the carousel. Back up!

The airports simply need big signs. "DON'T BE STUPID." But, I tried that all over DC and it didn't work at all.


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