Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Great Magazine Chase

So who won?

You should know me better than that.

All three.

In an odd convergence of want, need and promotional mailings - I found that I could get all three magazines pretty cheaply.

The New Yorker offered me (and 1000's more, I'm sure) the "professional" rate of $30 for a year. That's 50 issues for 30 bucks. Good deal.

Gawker had a story about Radar being offered "free" for certain people. So I just switched my phone number with my income and boom! One free year subscription.

Discover is on sale at Amazon for under 20 bucks for a full year. Much cheaper than on Discover's own website.

That's a lot of happy for not a lot of money. Anticlimactic, ain't it?


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