Monday, April 11, 2005

but I always imagined him as an almond ...

From the A.P. (via
The mother of a boy who received a multimillion-dollar settlement from Michael Jackson in the 1990s testified Monday that she initially refused to let her son sleep in the singer's bed but relented when a "sobbing and crying" Jackson made another request ...

"He was sobbing and crying, shaking and trembling," she said. "He said, 'You don't trust me? We're a family. ... (The boy) is having fun. Why can't he sleep in my bed? There's nothing wrong. There's nothing going on.'"
Methinks thou crazy-nut doth protest too much!

[please note I only composed this post in order to create and use the above image. it tickles me. could have awarded the same photo to a post on: that guy arrested at the capitol today, ted turner, rush limbaugh or that guy who threatened to kill a rabbit unless he got $50,000. jackson took the crown. he's going to bejewel the crown and wear it to court.]


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