Monday, August 07, 2006

They were next to the solar flashlight

This is sad.

A Sex Pistols coaster set: Because you know how much Sid Vicious hated water rings next to the huge piles of heroin on his coffee table. I first spotted these for sale at Tower Records when I was in L.A.

Now, I'm not a huge fan of the Sex Pistols, never was, really. But it struck me that in order for me to see them - they had to pass through several levels, each more sad than the rest.

First, a coaster company had to think "wow! those kids today! so hard-core and concerned with etiquette ... hmmm ... I know! Sex Pistols Coasters!"

Then, I'm assuming someone from the Sex Pistols, or their representatives, received the offer of money in exchange for the rights to produce and sell "Sex Pistols Coasters." Someone agreed.

Then, someone at Tower Records had to see these in a catalog and agree to buy a whole bunch to place on sale in their stores. Each person in this chain had to agree it was a good idea. I hope they were all paid very well.


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