Thursday, February 02, 2006

Did ya READ the TICKET?

At times my job is trying.

I'm promoting a Flamenco Festival at the moment. Most of the events are big dance or music productions featuring performers from Spain - it's an excellent time.

We also do some "extra" events - cheese (!) and ham tastings, book signings, and a dance class on the stage of the auditorium. I thought it would be fun to take a beginner's Flamenco dance class on the stage - looking out like the pros do.

The event is named "Flamenco Dance on Stage ... Starring YOU." The brochure copy is as follows:
After enjoying a taste of some of the best in Spanish wines and cheese, step up to Lisner’s stage for an informative and entertaining session of flamenco dancing basics taught by DC’s own Sara Jerez-Marlow. One of the most talked about events of last year’s festival, this event is sure to sell-out.
These are the comments I got from attendees:

"This is a CLASS? I thought it was an amateur show we watched."

"Isn't this a performance?"

"There's a reception? I thought the class started right away."

"We just watch, right?"



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