Sunday, August 28, 2005

Addictive Lines


You know you love them ... but there are so many!

It becomes quite difficult to remember to visit all of your favorite blogs and news and information sites every day. Enter Bloglines.

Bloglines is an online blog/news reader service. It organizes all the RSS (really simple syndication ... which never seemed that simple to me) feeds into one page. This way I just click the main "feeds" button and every blog I am interested in shows up on the right side of the screen. Bloglines only shows the new posts that I haven't read yet.

There are a few down sides to this. It becomes harder to leave comments (which can be half the fun anyway). You have to stop and visit the site to do so.

Some websites only give a summary feed, if you want to read the whole post you have to visit the website.

To be fair, bloglines makes it easy to visit the websites - you can click right from the post on bloglines to the post at the website. Yay!

You can even make your feeds public - and let the world know which feeds you are interested in.

Viola! My Feeds:


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